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Video: How to Squeeze More Keywords from Google

This is the first video of the Maverick Keyword Researcher. There isn’t any audio in the video yet but I will add them once I have recorded some audio and created a loopable background music. I didn’t want to wait till everything was “perfect” before releasing this video.

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The 5-in-1 Google Tool

What I would like to point out with this video is how you can combine 5 Google keyword sources (Google keyword suggestions, Google related searches, Google synonyms, Google Insights for search and Google search-based keyword tool) into 1 easy and convenient tool.

Using the Google tools directly can be an extremely troublesome process because you may have to copy and paste the keywords into another application. Some tools like the Google AdWords Keyword tool allows you to export keywords into a text file but not all Google tools have this feature.

Expand Your Google Keyword List with Multiple Countries

Did you know that you get a different set of keywords if you specified a different country in the Google keyword tools?

You will be amazed at how many more keyword suggestions you will get if you select more than one country. However, the Google keyword tools do not allow you to select more than one country at a time. If you wanted to get the keywords of the USA and UK, you would need to select the country in the form (if there is such an option) and submit the form twice!

The bottom line is, the Maverick Keyword Researcher saves you a lot of time and effort. Once you use our Google keyword tools, you won’t want to go back to Google to get your keyword suggestions any more.

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1 Comment On “Video: How to Squeeze More Keywords from Google”

On 28th February 2010 11:43 PM, speed up your pcNo Gravatar said:

Great vid as I’m always looking for ways to siphon more KW’s to target on my sites. It should be a lesson learned for “newbies” in that you shouldn’t have to wait until things are perfect before going live. Just get it up and fix it later.

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