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Maverick Keyword Researcher Preview

I initially planned to release some keyword mining tools to get keyword ideas from search.com, eBay.com, shopping.com, google.com and mysimon.com. That was it! I had no plans to create a keyword research tool but I think I may have to create one  for my own use because almost all the commercial keyword software I am using right now suck. Hence, the need for a name change to Maverick Keyword Researcher so that I may add more tools to this product.

So far, my keyword mining tool can import keywords from the following web sites:

  1. mySimon.com Top Searches
  2. mySimon.com Top Brands
  3. mySimon.com Most Popular Product
  4. Shopping.com Top Searches
  5. eBay.com Keywords
  6. Search.com Top Searches
  7. Google.com Hot Trends
  8. Google.com Products

I plan to add 3 more keywords sources from eBay.com before releasing it to the public as a beta test. I estimate this would be done in a week or two.

In the meantime, please check out the latest screen shots of the Maverick Keyword Researcher! 2 of the screen shots are really huge. Please click on the links below to view the pictures directly.

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