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Twitter Traffic Machine Review

I have been applying what I have learnt from the Twitter Traffic Machine for over a month now. When I started on 10 April 2009, I had 2258 followers. After using the tips and tricks in the Twitter Traffic Machine for 2.5 months, my followers have risen to… Read more…

Simon Says No

Just received an email from CBS warning me not to use mySimon and’s keywords. Therefore, you won’t see them when the Maverick Keyword Researcher is released. I have removed all references to them from this blog.

Maverick Keyword Researcher Preview 5 – Google Keyword Research on Steroids

Sorry for the lack of updates. In the past 2 weeks, I have further developed the Maverick Keyword Researcher beyond my initial plans for it.

User Accounts, Installation, Password Reminders, Login etc

The first public version of the Maverick Keyword Researcher will not use a MySQL database to store its… Read more…

Maverick Keyword Researcher Preview 4: Alibaba Keywords

I just completed the Alibaba module of the Maverick Keyword Researcher that imports keywords from Alibaba’s top lists – Alibaba’s Latest Sourcing Trends and Alibaba’s Trade Trends.

I combined the “Categories with most new buyers”, “Categories with fewer competitors” and “Categories with most products” into 1 page. This… Read more…