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WordPress 2.5 is Great But I Found Some Bugs!

I just upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.5. I really like the new admin interface but I found a few bugs with WordPress 2.5.

1. wp_list_pages function does not excluded sub pages from the exclude list. I posted this WordPress 2.5 wp_list_pages error at… Read more…

How to Use nofollow Links

I have never really understood how to use nofollow links until last night. I guess I must have been very slow to pick up this technique of preserving your Google Pagerank.

On Wikipedia’s entry on nofollow links:

Search engine optimization professionals started using the nofollow attribute to control… Read more…

I'm Still Waiting For NetAudioAds (Voice2Page)

This NetAudioAds (Voice2Page) thing is such a disappointment because I have not received any audio ads at all. I thought 1 February 2008 was supposed to be the official launch but it turns out that it was only a partial launch. I believe that should have been specified clearly… Read more…