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Screen Recorder Discount Coupons for BB Flashback & BB Flashback Express

I found a 50% discount for the popular screen recording software BB Flashback. The catch is you have to donate money to to be able to access the forum post with the discount code. There was no minimum donation policy when I joined but I am not sure… Read more…

Google AdSense Competitive Ad Filter Tips, Bugs and Quirks

I did not plan on adding on to my previous Google AdSense competitive filter post but I encountered some weird bugs that everyone should know of, including Mr Google.

How To Accidentally Destroy Your Competitive Ad Filter List

You may run the risk of wiping out your entire competitive… Read more…

Social Media Daily – Unstoppable Social Media and Web 2.0 Traffic Guide

I just downloaded and read Social Media Daily by Michelle MacPherson. I wish I had something like this earlier because it took me hours to scour the internet for all the possible web sites to submit my blog posts to.

In the guide, you’ll find links to:

Social news sites

Read more…

How To Increase Google AdSense CTR With The Competitive Ad Filter

If the Google AdSense sites that appear on your web sites are very well targeted for the content of your site, you won’t need to use the competitive ad filter. However, if you have web sites that do not get the right bunch of ads, you should use the competitive… Read more…

OnlyWire Review: The Brutal Truth

I recently tested the OnlyWire social bookmarking service. It claims to help you easily send your bookmarks to 22 social bookmarking sites with a single click. What that means for you is you may potentially get 22 back links for every web page you send to OnlyWire.

Before… Read more…

The Little Known Keywords From Google Product Search (Froogle) is now know as Google Product Search. If you look at the bottom of the page, you should see a list of random keywords like:

This keyword list changes every time you refresh the page. I discovered that Keywords Analyzer gets it’s keyword source from this… Read more…

XML Sitemaps for Google, Yahoo, MSN and

There has been great improvements in the XML Sitemap industry with MSN ( and now accepting XML sitemaps to improve the indexing of your web sites.

How To Create Sitemaps

If you are using a WordPress blogging platform like mine, you should download and install Google SitemapRead more… Sitemap Generator Review

I purchased the Generator PHP script last month to help index one of my non-WordPress web sites that has like 30,000 plus web pages.

The reason why I chose a PHP script instead of a desktop software is because I do not wish to generate the sitemaps on… Read more…